355012g and etherchannel

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bbranch Tue, 10/28/2003 - 05:18
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You can only channel up to a maximum of 8 ports:

An EtherChannel consists of individual Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet links bundled into a single logical link as shown in Figure 30-1. The EtherChannel provides full-duplex bandwidth up to 800 Mbps (Fast EtherChannel) or 8 Gbps (Gigabit EtherChannel) between your switch and another switch or host.


thisisshanky Sun, 11/09/2003 - 12:23
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The full duplex throughput when you bundle 8 1 gbps links is theoretically 16 gbps. But in practice, a Etherchannel does not operate at this full speed. It only balances the traffic across the link.

thisisshanky Sun, 11/09/2003 - 13:18
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Additionally, if you use LACP as the port channel protocol (instead of pAgp), you can bundle all 10 together, but only 8 will be used at one time. The remaining two will be in standby state, and will be used only if one of the gigabit links in the bundle fails.


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