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Network failover question

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I have a situation whereby a I want to implement redundancy. I have two wireless links with the wireless devices connected to two routers. Behind each router there is a firewall and behind the firewalls there is a router that will make the routing decision according to the availability of the link. I thought that I could easily implement this using floating static routes however the routes in router A (please see diagram below) are never changed if the failure is upstream say between router B and the wireless device. How would one implement failover in such a situation?

Please note that the firewalls are doing NAT.And no BGP currently running all routes are static.


rtr router

fw Firewall

wd wireless device

clients network--rtrA--fw1--rtrB--wd-----Internet




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ruwhite Sat, 11/01/2003 - 04:53
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Your best bet is to run BGP through the firewall, punching a hole in the firewall to let it through. You could then set up your statics based on the next hop learned through BGP, and the router would be able to tell what paths are available on the other side of the firewall. I don't know what type of firewall you have, but there is a study on how to run BGP through a PIX on CCO:


This should, at least, give you the start on the BGP configurations you will need.



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