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AAR seems only can prepend a prefix when wan in congestion, can we actually do tranlation?

My case is:remote office E164 number is 16044564002,4002 is DID, we use 3 site code plus the DID as 7 digits line apperance(extension) because of the DID overlapping. Any comment if I want to use AAR?Personally I think this won't work because AAR only add prefix.

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pbarman Sun, 11/02/2003 - 06:12
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Callmanager knows the remote site 7-digit DNs and also you specify External Phone Number Mask for the DNs. AAR will calculate what number it needs to dial out to the remote site to reroute your call, from the DN and Ext phone number mask, and the prefix from AAR group table. This call would fall into your remote gateway as any other DID call. And that should work.

Let me know if I am missing something!



dugrant Sun, 11/02/2003 - 10:16
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I agree, it sounds like it should work for you, but I dont totally understand what you think the problem is.

If you need the number to be translated, you can use the AAR CSS to direct AAR to use a translation pattern and translate to any number you want.

It looks I have two solution here:

1. As pasha said, use external mask. Actually I didn't notice AAR use external mask as part of the mechnism. I want to clear my concept here:

Let's say remote office E164 is 16044564002, DID is 4002 and line appearance or ext. is 2504002. 250 is site code we defined.

AAR group id VCR. If I assign external mask 604456XXXX for this extension, does that mean I

only need prefix 91. I don't have to worry about translation at all in this solution. So when AAR triggered, CCM appends the 91 to the external mask. Am I right?

2. As Dustin said, I can use translation pattern. Same example as above, but I'll use prefix 91604, the called number become 916042504002.

Then I do a translation to tranlate this to 916044564002. So this solution basically doesn't need external mask set up for each line.

Which is the better way? Btw, any good link talking about the AAR?

Thanks guys.

dugrant Sun, 11/02/2003 - 12:29
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#1 is the proper way to do it.


dugrant Mon, 11/03/2003 - 10:17
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The Pilot Number is just pointing to a real device, and it should be the first Voicemail port.


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