aaronw.ca Wed, 12/03/2003 - 07:51
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Not sure on the idle url.

I believe that they support the idle url (no graphics tag though -text only), but not positive at the moment. Perhaps someone else can clarify.

They do support the execute tag, and other non-text xml tags including audio streaming.

Note that this support is only available in 3.3(3) and above.

zjoyce Wed, 12/03/2003 - 08:20
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We are running 3.3(3) sr2 and have loaded the firmware from cmterm-7912g.P009-3-3-6.exe but cannot get the idle URL or execute to work. The release notes alude to the fact that it mightwork because they don't say it won't.

Any suggestions.

ckatene Thu, 12/09/2004 - 18:19
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I am having exactly the same problem. The idle url is never requested by the 7912 - an identical configuration is fine on a 7960.

If you look at the settings on the phone itself, you find authentication, services and directories URL - no idle URL.


stephan.steiner Fri, 12/10/2004 - 00:20
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I'd suggest upgrading your phone load to the latest (5.0.0).. especially the newer phones (7905/12/70) have firmwares that are a little more shaky than the established 7940/60 series. Though one thing I'm sure about: starting with a base 4.0.1 installation without patches and new phone loads, the ExecuteItem worked on my 7905s. I've never bothered with the idleurl though.

helsenl Fri, 01/28/2005 - 04:18
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Idle url is using the object CiscoIpPhoneImage

and this is not (yet I suppose) supported on the 7905/7912

This information comes with the SDK and can be found in the file ipvs334.pdf


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