Error 1032 in CiscoUnity_DSGC

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Dec 17th, 2003
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A customer's Unity 4.0.3 system is throwing this error...

Event Type: Error

Event Source: CiscoUnity_DSGC

Event Category: Error

Event ID: 1032

Date: 12/8/2003

Time: 11:35:26 AM

User: N/A

Computer: <DELETED>

<Description deleted for brevity.>

...every 15 minutes or so. When we do the trace that is recommended in the Description (the micro traces for AvDSGlobalCatalog), we get this:

09:26:33:683 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1679,DSGlobalCatalog,10) [Thread 2716] Call to ADsGetObject [GC:<URL DELETED FOR SAFETY>/CN=ML A/P Regional IT - DL OU=APSouthEast OU=WWC Exchange Mlists DC=wwc DC=wwworldwide DC=net] failed. [E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME].

09:26:33:682 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1665,DSGlobalCatalog,12) [Thread 2716] Method CAvADConnection::GetIADs exited [0x80005000: E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME].

09:26:33:683 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1665,DSGlobalCatalog,12) [Thread 2716] Method CAvADConnection::GetGroup exited [0x80005000: E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME].

09:26:33:682 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1678,DSGlobalCatalog,10) [Thread 2716] CAvADConnection::GetGroup failed in CAvDirDistributionListObj::UpdateModifiedDlMember([dn]ED1C93CDC1149543A05B426496512262) for D-list([dn]CN=ML A/P Regional IT - DL OU=APSouthEast OU=WWC Exchange Mlists DC=wwc DC=wwworldwide DC=net) 0x80005000.

09:26:33:683 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1665,DSGlobalCatalog,1) [Thread 2716] Method CAvDirDistributionListObj::UpdateModifiedDlMember exited [0x80005000: E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME].

09:26:33:682 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1665,DSGlobalCatalog,1) [Thread 2716] Method CAvDirDistributionListObj::UpdateDlMember exited [0x80005000: E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME].

09:26:33:683 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1665,DSGlobalCatalog,1) [Thread 2716] Method CAvDirMailUserObj::Enqueue exited [0x80005000: E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME].

09:26:33:682 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1684,DSGlobalCatalog,10) [Thread 2716] Enqueue operation failed [0x80005000].

09:26:33:683 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1665,DSGlobalCatalog,1) [Thread 2716] Method CAvMonitoredObj::SynchronizeChangedObjs exited [0x80005000: E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME].

09:26:33:698 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1678,DSGlobalCatalog,10) [Thread 2716] (null).

09:26:33:699 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1665,DSGlobalCatalog,1) [Thread 2716] Method CAvMonitoredObj::Synchronize exited [0x80005000: E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME].

09:26:33:698 (AvDiagnostics_MC,1665,DSGlobalCatalog,1) [Thread 2716] Method CAvSynchObj::SynchronizeObjects exited [0x80005000: E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME].

The ML A/P Regional IT is a valid Exchange mailing list, and the identifier is valid. We're not sure why Unity wants it, though -- it has nothing to do with voicemail.

This is a hybrid 5.5/2000 system.

Any thoughts about what's happening here?



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