Can CCM deliver an outside line to a restricted phone

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Dec 31st, 2003
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I would like for users without long distance access to be able to call the company operator and request an outside line that is not restricted. We use to have a route pattern that would just provide outside dial tone, but once the number was compromised everyone was making LD calls from any phone in our facility. Is there an easy way to accomplish this without the end user seeing the route pattern that allows full access and provides outside dial tone?

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Here is some simpliifed info to expand on the previous reply:

I have built partitions:

CampusPT (for internal dialing only)

LocalPT (for local PSTN dialing)

LongDistPT (for long dist access)

800PT (for 800 dialing)

E911PT (for 911 dialing)

OperatorPT (for dialing 0)

900PT (for blocking 900 dialing)

CaribbeanPT (for blocking 809+ NPA's)

90PT (for dialing 90+)

Now build your CSS's, I have the following:

InternalCSS, LocalCSS, LongDistCSS,.....

Now assign partitions to the CSS's you defined:

InternalCSS would include: CampusPT, E911PT, OperatorPT

LocalCSS would include: CampusPT, E911PT, OperatorPT, LocalPT, 800 PT

LongDistCSS would include: all of the above plus LongDistPT, 900PT, 90PT, CaribbeanPT

Now on your route patterns assign the appropriate partition. For example on 7 digit dialing assign LocalPT, 10 digit dialing assign LongDistPT.

Then on the sets you want to restrict long distance access but allow local 7 digit dialing assign LocalCSS. They can make internal calls, local 7 digit calls, 800 calls, 911 calls, operator calls (in our case the operator is on campus).

c-charlebois Tue, 01/06/2004 - 13:39
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If the Operator has unresticted access, then the Operator can transfer the call to an outside number. It would mean that the operator would have to dial the number on her phone, but it would work.


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