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what is the true installation order for VMS 2.2 Update 1 ?

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Jan 15th, 2004
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Installing and getting VMS 2.2 up and running is a little complex, especially because of various prerequisites ;

Can anyone clarify in which order should be installed VMS 2.2 Update 1 ?

I have found 2 differents documents about VMS 2.2 Update 1 on the CISCO web which are a little contradictory ;

Here they are :

1) Readme for CiscoWorks VMS 2.2 Update 1

(URL : http://www.cisco.com/en/US/partner/products/sw/cscowork/ps2330/prod_release_note09186a00801ca636.html ):

this document states the following installation order :

a) VMS 2.2 and all the requested components, such as FW MC

b) FW MC 1.2.2

c) VMS 2.2 Update 1

2) Quick Start Guide for the VPN/Security Management Solution 2.2

(URL : http://www.cisco.com/en/US/partner/products/sw/cscowork/ps2330/products_quick_start09186a00801e55d5.html )

This document states that VMS 2.2 SP2 should be installed before installing any VMS components (such as FW MC)

Questions :

1) is VMS 2.2 SP2 part of VMS 2.2 Update 1 package ?

if yes, the 2nd document listed above, seems contradictory compared with the 1st one

if no, where can I get this VMS 2.2 SP2 on the CISCO Web ?

2) I have received VMS 2.2 package, without VMS 2.2 Update 1 package ; the order of installation I have used is :

a) VMS 2.2 Common Services

b) FW MC 1.1.3 (included in the shipped VMS package),

then to try to solve different problems, I have downloaded FW MC 1.2.2 and VMS 2.2 Update 1 from CISCO Web, and installed them in the following order :

c) FW MC 1.2.2

d) VMS 2.2 Update 1

Is this the right order (as described in the 1st document listed above) ?

if not, what is the right order ?

thanks for your help

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benhur.p Wed, 01/21/2004 - 05:07
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I followed the first Procedure and have no issues...


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