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Looking for Gatekeeper redundancy suggestions

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Jan 19th, 2004
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Given the following topography, what would be the best way to provide call admission control redundancy for H.323 voice gateways? The attached .gif file shows the layout, here are the basic points:

* Hub and spoke design where international sites are spokes with one H.323 gateway per site

* Each international location is a zone.

* Hub is comprised of three symmetrically configured voice gateways (each with one T1 to software defined network, another to local access) .

* Two centralized gatekeeper(s) in hub site serving all international voice sites.

* Gateways and gatekeepers are located in different buildings for diversity, on seperate subnets - within Gigabit Ethernet distance of each other.

* See drawing for more detail.

What would be the most appropriate redundancy configuration, given this detail?


Tim Moffett

* Centralized

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tmoffett Thu, 01/22/2004 - 07:59
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Thanks for your reply Ketan...

I am unable to get to that document. Maybe I don't have rights to it?

Could you give me an example of how the gatekeepers might be configured? I understand the basic concept, just not how the cluster would be configured, given that both gatekeepers are in the hub.

What zones would the cluster be comprised of? In my case, Webster is the hub location and Mexico is the spoke.

In my case, would the cluster be comprised of elements (local zones) webster and Mexico?

Thanks in advance!


ketpatel Thu, 01/22/2004 - 18:23
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Hi Tim,

Here is a basic config for 2 Gatekeepers. I am also attaching URL which I think you should be able to access..



zone local gkb-1 domainB.com

zone cluster local gkb gkb-1

element gkb-2 1719

gw-type-prefix 2#* default-technology

no shutdown





zone local gkb-2 domainB.com

zone cluster local gkb gkb-2

element gkb-1 1719

no shutdown



Hope that helps..



tmoffett Fri, 01/23/2004 - 07:01
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Thanks Ketan,

I have seen that example before. I now believe that it is the only one in existence!



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