blueb Wed, 02/04/2004 - 13:31
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NAT works on layer three and therefore you can't really use NAT for that. I would suggest assigning the device in question a static IP, and then use NAT for that IP.

straatman Wed, 02/04/2004 - 14:24
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There in lies the problem, I am a remote administrator and there is no one on site to change IP settings. I need a way to provide a public address to an internal device that is at the mercy of DHCP.

baileja Wed, 02/04/2004 - 15:48
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I have never tried this before but it is worth a try if you want. The logic looks like it may work, let me know if it does....

mac-list adc permit 00a0.c95d.0282 ffff.ffff.ffff

global (outside) 1 X.X.X.X

nat (inside) 1 access-list adc

straatman Thu, 02/05/2004 - 08:05
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The configuration you have supplied does indeed accomplish the task. However, the mac-list configuration is not available on the SOHO, the earliest model it is available on is the 2600s. Thanks any way!


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