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patsbc Wed, 02/18/2004 - 07:09
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Future phones will support both 802.af and Cisco's POE. I'm under NDA so I can't give you model numbers or dates.

Be aware that with the 7970, you will need a power adapter to use full brightness on the set, or full duplex speakerphone, regardless if you are using 802.af or Cisco POE.


ngss Thu, 02/19/2004 - 01:28
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I wonder why? How much power that 7970 required to make it full brightness. What's the Class Number is 7970 fall into? I noticed that the 7970 only used 10.25W. Isn't that you can draw 15.4W under 802.3af spec?



peter_tsonis Mon, 02/23/2004 - 11:04
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Here is my understanding but needs to be confirmed by Cisco.

The 7970 is able to get its full power from in-line power and requires the following two elements :

- Latest Catalyst switch that support 802.af (3560, Cat4k)

- CDP enhanced to negotiate the power with the phone.

For example, the new 3560 supports 802.3af but we will need to wait for a future release to get the enhanced CDP. So today, you can't get full power with the 3560 thus requiring the external power adapter.

The latest Catalyst 4500 blades (WS-X4248, WS-X4548) with CatOS 8.3(1)GLX seems to support full power to the 7970 because it also has the enhanced CDP built-in.

Can someone can confirm all this ?

Hope this help,


ngss Tue, 02/24/2004 - 19:07
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Thanks for keep the discussion going.

I just happen to stumble upon few slides somewhere showing IP Phone 7965 and 7975 in the pipeline.

My guess that this version should get the full power!

PS. Apologise if I cause a stir in this forum


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