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Is it possible to Direct inward dial without using the PLAR statement under the FXO voice port. I have a Callmanager express running on a 1760V router. The router has FXO ports, when i call from the PSTN I hear 1 right and then dialtone. I had to use the plar statement to get around the issue and make calling from outside to work. Here is my configuration. Lets says my Analog line phone # is 2155551000 and my IP phone # extension is 1000. I should be able to reach 1000 from PSTN without using the PLAR statement under the voice port.

voice-port 2/0


voice-port 2/1




dial-peer voice 2 pots

incoming called-number .


port 2/0




load 7910 P00403020214

load 7960-7940 P00303020214

max-ephones 5

max-dn 5

ip source-address port 2000

auto assign 1 to 5

create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Feb 19 2004 03:28:23

dialplan-pattern 1 2155551... extension-length 4

max-conferences 4



ephone-dn 1 dual-line

number 1000

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patsbc Sat, 02/28/2004 - 16:55
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It is possible to do DID on an analog trunk. However, you need a FXS/DID card to take incoming DID calls, and an FXO card to send outgoing analog calls. You would need also need the line to be configured from the LEC as DID and have a block of numbers assigned.

With an FXO, you've either got to use the TCL automated attendant functionality or fire the call off as PLAR OPX.

How about mapping the plar opx to an ephone-dn and putting the ephone-dn on all of your sets? That gives you a psuedo-key system environment.



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