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device pool field in MOH, CFB and MTP configuration page

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Mar 4th, 2004
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I’ve 2 device pools with different audio codec and only one Callmanager. Each device pool have own region and many ip phone. What should I do specific device pool field in the MOH, software CFB and MTP configuration page?

Please advise too.



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pbarman Thu, 03/04/2004 - 22:27
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Suppose you have two device pools DP_A at central site and DP_B at remote site, and most likely within the device pools you have g711 codec and between them you have g729 codec.

You can place the MOH, software CFB, and MTP in device pool DP_A. Doing so, they will register with the CallManager. Then, suppose for MOH, when a phone in DP_A request MOH, it will moh send as g711 stream. But whenever, a phone in DP_B request MOH, g729 stream will be sent to that phone (you have to select g729 in IPVS service parameter section to enable g729 MOH stream).

It depends on your network topology which device pool you want to specify in the config.

A somewhat related question.

My customer does not use MOH.

I'm building an IPCC system for them and a call in the IPIVR is placed on hold for 30 secs, taken off hold and a prompt played back that all the agents are busy. The usual stuff. When the customer was given a demo they noted that the caller did not hear music and wanted this fixed. I observed that they did not have MOH configured enterprise-wide, and hence callers in queue get no music.

They explained their reasons for not having MOH. So I've been trying to prototype a way of having MOH for the CTI ports only and not for the other phones. I've played with the Device Pool on the MOH Server, and that did not work, and I realise now that this field is for something else.

I tried to set this up using a Media Resource Group that had no MOH and making a MRGL and applying that to the device pool that I did not want MOH for.

I can specify different audio sources for device pools, no worries. I could play a 30 sec prompt of music in the IVR instead of putting the caller on hold, though one needs to deal with the repetitive nature of the 30 sec sample - so it's not a good solution.

I think one possible reason they don't want MOH is that they have many extensions and are near the point of needing a dedicated MOH server in the cluster.

I was hoping that there would be a way of enabling MOH in a controlled way. Does anyone know of a way to do this?



chris.mott Fri, 03/05/2004 - 21:22
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One way would be to use the Output Step in your script, in the section just after the caller gets queued ... then you can use the canned 30 sec music that is on the CD, and when the Output step is finished, it moves on to the next step, which I would suggest to have check if the caller presses "1" to excape and leave a message, etc, otherwise either loop or play it (or another) again, and so on... it is simplistic, but it will work until you get MoH working ... gl


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