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Ethernet over MPLS on 7600 series with SUP 720

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Mar 12th, 2004
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Anyone has the slightly idea when cisco is planning to support ethernet over MPLS on Supervisor engine 720?

Moreover any plans when cisco will support Cisco 7600/Catalyst 6500 Ethernet Modules for EoMPLS and not only on Enhanced OSM with 4 GE WAN ports and 2 GE LAN ports?

Too much limitations for such a wonderful service!!

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adityakaul Sat, 03/13/2004 - 00:33
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There are two types of EoMPLS for the 6500/7600:

- WAN based (FlexWAN or OSM module using PXF enabled interface) must be facing the MPLS core

- H/W based Performed by the forwarding ASICs on the Supervisor or DFCmodule

EoMPLS Support WAN H/W


Supervisor 1 no no

Supervisor 2 yes no

Supervisor 720 PFC3a yes no

Supervisor 720 PFC3bXL yes yes

H/W based and WAN based differ also in the ability to perform local L2

switching and MAC address learning. H/W based EoMPLS functions like EoMPLS

on 7200/7500/12000 where you don't learn MAC addresses or perform local

switching of traffic between ports. WAN based EoMPLS can perform local

switching and does do MAC address learning.

WAN based EoMPLS is configured upon the SVI interface, and H/W based EoMPLS

is configured on a physical or sub-interface of a physical interface. The

following reference will be of use:


pavlosd Sat, 03/13/2004 - 14:14
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I have a new question here. The link describes EoMPLS for Sup 720 Fabric MSFC3 PFC3BXL and not the Supervisor 720 Fabric MSFC3 PFC3A. Does this means that it cannot be supported for Supervisor 720 Fabric MSFC3 PFC3A?

Moreover, it says: "supported only for OSM-4GE-WAN-GBIC or OSM-2+4GE-WAN+ Gigabit Ethernet OSMs ". Any plans to support calalyst Gigabit ethernet modules?(i.e. WS-X6408A-GBIC - Catalyst 6000 8-port GE, Enhanced QoS)

Darren Ramsey Mon, 03/15/2004 - 10:54
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I have EoMPLS working in the lab with a Sup720 PFC3A, with uplinks on a WS-X6724-SFP. I am preparing to test VPLS.

I'm not real happy with the setup. It requires the "MPLS L2 ROUTE" commands to be places under sub interfaces instead of the VLAN interface. I am told this is the difference between OSM and x6724 blades.

Does anyone know when the configuration steps will be the same for OSM blades and 6724 blades. Darren

hoanganh10 Sun, 03/20/2005 - 23:31
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In www.cisco.com(I didn't remember exact link), there is the following: "Q. Can the Supervisor Engine 720 with PFC3BXL enable MPLS on LAN module Ethernet ports?

A. Yes, MPLS can be enabled on the Ethernet ports of LAN modules and the OSMs. Purchase of MPLS license is required for use of MPLS with Sup720, with or without OSM.


Which MPLS license I must purchase for use of MPLS with Sup720 PFC3BXL without OSM? If I update IOS version to 12.2(18)SXD, does I need to purchase this license?

Thanks for any replies.

pavlosd Wed, 04/06/2005 - 12:48
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So, assume that I do have a Sup 720 3bxl, what do I gain at the end of the day If i am using OSMs? What if I use normal ethernet ports (no switchport mode)?

Can AToM still be supported? What about QoS or VPLS?

awal-network Sun, 04/24/2005 - 00:40
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We are getting Sup720 3BXL for our Cat 6509. We have the following setup


We want to do normal label Switching between 7206-1 and 7206-2 (not EoMPLS). Both 7206 are in the same VLAN.


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