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Getting DE in packets on SBC T1

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Apr 13th, 2004
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Our network has been all AT&T until just recently when we bought a couple of SBC T1s. One site is now running on SBC, and I notice when I do a sh frame-relay pvc there are a lot of "in DE pkts". We do not have any of these on our AT&T T1s. I understand this means packets have been marked as discard eligible. SBC said configuring traffic shaping would solve the problem, but I must not be doing it correctly as I still get those DE packets in. We have 128K CIR and are able to burst to T1, so how should I configure traffic shaping? Maybe I am doing it wrong. I have tried using just traffic-shape rate 128000 1408000, and some other combinations, but no luck. By the way, I am not seeing and FECNs or BECNs, nor DE out packets, just DE in packets. Any help is much appreciated! - Steve

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cdfowlie Wed, 04/14/2004 - 06:46
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DE packets really aren't a "problem" if you are not seeing performance issues and/or packet loss across your links. What is most likely happening is that the packets are marked DE because you are exceeding the 128k CIR. This is perfectly normal as you are able to burst to T1 speeds.

Even configuring traffic shaping will not clear up the DE packets you are seeing, since you are allowing traffic to burst. Again, I stress that this really isn't a problem as long as you aren't experiencing any packet loss/latency/drops.




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