Switch stacks and serial no's in RME especially 3750's

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Aug 10th, 2004
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We have a customer with lots of remote sites which have 3750 switch stacks (NOT clusters) in them.

We need to discover all the stack serial no's as a requirement for Cisco Shared Support.

Campus recognise the stack master.

CM gives it the device type of 3750 stack,and the device attributes show the individual switches in the stack.

A Detailed Device Report in RME gives the serial no. of the master switch only, although it does list the other switches under the Interface Table section of the report.

An RME 'Export to File' does not show the stack member devices either.

A 'sh ver' of the stack master does give the serial no's of all members in the stack.

Seeing that CiscoWorks uses CDP to discover a network's topology, and cdp neigh detail shows the serial no., I would have thought LMS would have known about the serial no's somewhere.

Is there any way to get the stack member serial no's out of RME or any part of LMS ?

Would the RME Data Extraction Engine be of any use ?



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hlow Wed, 08/11/2004 - 20:17
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I don't know about anyone else, but my personal opinion is to be careful about getting serial numbers off CiscoWorks. I have found in many instances where instead of giving the chassis serial number, it gives the PCB number.

I believe the Data Extraction Engine would give you the same information as the Detailed Device Report.

I do not know if you have already solved your problem but I have found a way to get the serial numbers for all the 3750's in the switch stack. It appears that there is a table in ANI "WbuC3750Module" that contains the sn# for all members of the switch stack in the "moduleSerialNo" field. The "chassisSerialNo" field contains the sn# for the master switch in the stack.

To get to the database, you must first login to Ciscoworks then change the URL to "{ip address of cw}:1741/dbreader/dbreader.html.

The default Username and password are "cwsiSA" and "cwsiPWD" respectively, and the db is ANI. Select the "Get Database Tables" button and select WbuC3750Mondule. I really hope this can still help you. The is many more useful tables in there that I saved me hours of work!

Comments and votes are welcome!!!!

iswift Fri, 10/15/2004 - 01:03
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Excellent suggestion.

I had tried using the RME dbreader as I thought the serial # information would have been in the RME inventory.

It never occurred to me to look in ANI.


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