Cisco 6509 Sup2 upgrade Sup720

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Sep 14th, 2004

I'm planning to upgrade Cisco 6509 Sup2 engine to Sup720-3B, below is my current hardware configuration on Cisco 6509:



3. WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE

To upgrade it, I'll buy following something,

1. WS-6509-NEB-UPGRD=

2. WS-SUP720-3B=

But I can't make sure if new power supply and fan tray for Sup720 is belong to WS-6509-NEB-UPGRD.Who can help me? It's very urgent!Thanks in advance!

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I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by pflunkert about 9 years 7 months ago

Hi Mario,

for the sup 720 you need a 2500W Power Supply (which yoou have) and a new FAN Tray. Your original Fan Tray should be the WS-C6509-NEB-FAN, the new is a WS-C6509-NEB-FAN2. A fine FAQ about the Sup 720 you will find here:



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erodadi Wed, 09/15/2004 - 01:30

You just need to buy high speed fan tray (ws-c6k-9slot-fan2).

Sup 720 has minimum requirement 2500W power supply so you can use your current power supply.


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