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Dec 15th, 2004

Is there a Cisco solution to relay/translate between RTP sessions? I will have an application which will handle the signalling itself between VoIP end devices but would like to use a professional equipment to connect the medaia streams transported in RTP.


Gyorgy Kracher

I have this problem too.
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fchaudhr Thu, 12/16/2004 - 04:03

Not completely clear on the exact application and the network setup. But have a look at IP-to-IP Gateway, which supports the RTP Flow through mode (besides flow around mode), but IP-to-IP Gateway will be involved in the signaling as well:


Another thing you may look into (depending upon your application) is inserting a Firewall in the middle: PIX will modify the RTP/RTCP port numbers in case you use PAT/NAT and VoIP Signaling will be inspected by PIX and modified in case of NAT/PAT.

gkracher Thu, 12/16/2004 - 06:05

Thanks for the reply. This IP-to-IP gateway is something similar what I need, but as I see it cannot be used without signalling.

I am not able to open this link with my CCO account. Can you send the doc in email to gkracher@euronetworldwide.com.

Many thanks again,



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