Cisco IOS images do not support more than 16MB in size for TFTPSERVER-URGEN

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Apr 26th, 2005
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Can anybody plz help me.

Cisco IOS images do not support more than 16MB in size for Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).Is this true.

I want to boot cisco 7500 series router through tftp server.I have downloaded the image(12.2(15)T9 - 20MB) to the tftp server from the cisco ios software centre and when iam trying to boot the router through tftp server its not booting up.I get the message timedout.

commands :




when i reload the router its trying to boot from the tftp server and then its saying timedout.Then its booting from the flash slot0(another ios which is present already).





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lgijssel Tue, 04/26/2005 - 01:36
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Hi Shahul,

From a variety of cases that you posted in recent weeks, it seems as if everything is urgent with you.

Many problems are with high-end equipment and it seems unlikely to me that you are handling all these cases by yourself. This makes me wonder what kind of job you are in altough it is none of my business of course. Last but not least, altough everything is urgent, you are not too generous in rewarding the people who try to help you. By now I am beginning to find all this somewhat annoying. Could you please try to be a bit more polite and not classify all posts as urgent? For me this is the last one that I will answer if it reads "URGENT".

If you have understood the above, I will also make a last attempt to assist you. (after all, I'm not such a preacher as you might think)

Most likely cause: It is not the router but your tftp server that is unable to handle images over 16Mb. Please try a different version of a tftp server to see if this makes a difference. Most Unix/Linux implementations are OK.

Another possibility is the distance between server and router; is there a serial line in between? If it is on the LAN, you may also have problems with broadcast traffic or network peak-load.



shahul-hameed Tue, 04/26/2005 - 02:27
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Dear Mr.Leo,

First of all let me apologize to you.As per your advice i will not post my messages as urgent hereafter.Iam new to this forum Mr.leo.Thatswhy iam not aware of all this.Plz let me know what i have to do after i receive your reply.Do i have to rate your post something like that.If you don't mind plz let me know about that.THANKYOU VERYMUCH for your response.Once again i regret to you.



david.bradley Tue, 04/26/2005 - 02:43
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There's a file size limit, you cannot TFTP an image that's larger than 16Mb. You must use FTP to tranfer the images

lgijssel Tue, 04/26/2005 - 03:01
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Apologies accepted. Please read the topic: How NetPro ratings Work to find out how to reward points to those who have helped you solving your cases.

You should only do this of course, if you find the supplied information valuable.

Reading through your posts, mr mhussein and ankurbhasin should receive 5 points each for their response.

The easiest way to do this aftwerwards is to click on your own username at the top of a post; click on "show all posts" and select the conversations through there. Then select the proper reply (the one from the user you want to rate) and click on "Rate this Post" It's really easy but you have to be logged in. (gosh, I'd never thought I would have to explain this to someone)



shahul-hameed Tue, 04/26/2005 - 03:40
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Dear Mr.Leo,

Let me explain you our setup.

This scenario is in the lab.

We need to update the ios version of cisco 7500 router but, the memory required is less.So we decided to boot the router through tftp server(not copy the image from tftp to router).We are using cisco tftp server.When we tried to boot the router through tftp server the message timed out came.Its booting from the flash : slot0.Now the reason "why the router is not booting through the tftp server(image is on tftp server - 12.2(15)T9 - 20mb) has to be found out" and "whether cisco tftp server handles only 16MB or it can more more than it."



vm612 Thu, 04/28/2005 - 04:18
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Download the latest version of solarwinds tftp server (free)

In your "memory required" statement I assume you mean flash, you will have problems if there is not the posted required minimum memory for the IOS


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