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Unity Stand Alone VoiceMail

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Oct 13th, 2005
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Hey guys, as obtuse as this questions seems, I have to ask it. Can Unity 4.0(5) be setup as a standalone VM server or are the Unified Messaging platforms truly only for that? Unified Messaging? I am in a small office and have been asked to load Unity on a Call Manager 4.1(3) server (cost reasons). Of course, it is against Cisco best practice to integrate the Call Manager with AD or Domains. Unity needs that to allow for unified communications to work properly. Anyone have any ideas around his dillema?

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Hin Lee Thu, 10/13/2005 - 15:11
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Unified Messaging (UM) means that you can check your voicemails in your email, and that you can check your emails via phone (with proper licensing of Text-to-Speech). UM does not mean loading Unity on the same server as Callmanager.

In voicemail only integration, you can have AD/Exchange, and Unity on the same server. However as this is voicemail only licensing, Microsoft assigns run-time licensing for the accounts to operate voicemail. Callmanager CANNOT be integrated with Unity in Voicemail-only config.

In UM, the licensing for windows accounts and exchange mailbox has already been purchased so when you integrate Unity into UM, you are only using Unity licensing (no runtime MS license provided)

jlzfeeney Fri, 10/14/2005 - 05:04
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Thanks for the clarification. So you are saying in VM only mode, I have to put Exchange on the Unity box and purchase Exchange licenses for each VM account?

If you cannot integrate it with Call Manager, where does the pilot number go when you hit the message key?

In reference to the first question, I am clear on what UM means with Exchange as its partner server. What I was asking is I have a small office with Call Manager 4.1 and they want me to load Unity VM only on the Call Manager (co-resident). Has anyone done this? My experience has been to separate these services but there is not a cost justification for the size of the office.

Thanks again.

Ginger Dillon Fri, 10/14/2005 - 07:23
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Hi -

This is not a Cisco supported configuration - CallManager and Unity on the same server. CallManager uses a customized build of the Windows OS. Unity does not do this. I'm sure there are other reasons that make these applications incompatible to reside on the same server. Also, I think you misunderstood Hin Ho's post - Unity VM only does integrate with CallManager, just not on the same box. You create a CTI route point on CCM that forwards all to voicemail, plus the Unity port configuration, and voice port hunt/line group information.


Hin Lee Fri, 10/14/2005 - 14:34
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  • Cisco Employee,

>> VM only mode

Exchange is typically on the same server on small sites. In VM only implementation, the Exchange run-time license is provided so you do NOT have to purchase any additional licenses.

>> cannot integrate it with Call Manager

Unity can be used to integrate with CCM, or PBX (with dialogic or PIMG), in both VM and UM.

>> Co-Resident

Even if you could, would you really want to? You have to do call processing, AD-Functions, SQL lookups, Exchange mail, and so on and on and on.

jlzfeeney Mon, 10/17/2005 - 04:02
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Thanks much appreciated.

On co-resident, would I want to no, will I have to, yes.

Hin Lee Mon, 10/17/2005 - 13:23
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  • Cisco Employee,

You will not be able to put Unity and Callmanager on the same server.


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