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Up a creak without a paddle

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Oct 14th, 2005
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Hi Guys/Gals,

We had a power problem earlier today.

Now my IP Phones can not reach the publisher and my ip phones are getting one way audio - so what happened?

Other information:

I changed the switchport on a problem phone to put the pc into the voice vlan.

I got an ip address but could not ping the publisher. I use the same RJ45 connection and plug this into my laptop and I can reach the Publisher, put it back to the desk top pc an nothing.

The main problem I am trying to fix is with the phone (services/extension mobility) - the phone will not reach the services URL as this is not accessible.

Change the pc to the data lan and I can reach the publisher. The access switch can reach call manager, the call manager can reach the access switch. The call manager can reach the port and the port can reach the call manager.

The call manager CANT reach the device that is connected to the voice vlan.

NOW HERE IS WHERE IT GETS REALLY CONFUSING - half the phones (not discriminating/no identified pattern) work and half of them do not.

All are connected into any 1 of 5 switches (some work and some don't).

Has anyone ever come across a problem like this before?

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thisisshanky Fri, 10/14/2005 - 07:32
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Have you ensured that all switches have the right voice vlan defined on the phone ports. (Forgot a wr mem after the first time you configured the voice vlans on these switches ??) Also on the publisher, can you verify if all services are up and running after the power outage. Check on Serviceability as well as Services (Control panel). Try restarting callmanager and tftp services to see if any helps. Try a reboot of callmanager to see if that also helps.

Randall White Fri, 10/14/2005 - 08:33
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I agree with Shanky. This sounds like a switch or router problem. I have seen this when I forgot to save the config, which is lost on a reboot. Double check the VLANs, VTP domain/Server/Client status, make sure all VLANs are being forwarded over the trunks.

Also, make sure you can ping the problem phones from the Gateway, Pub and Sub. If this is from one IP phone to another IP phone, are they on the same subnet? If not, source a ping from one subnet to the other phone. Usually one way audio is because one of the devices doesn't know how to route packets to the other.


megaco123 Mon, 10/17/2005 - 06:39
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This turned out to be a problem with trunking between two 6509 cats.

Not sure why it was randomly effecting only a few devices - a reload of the core switches resolved it.

I thought it was a loss in config aswell - THANK GOD IT WAS NOT A BUG ;)

Thanks for your feedback!


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