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I need serious HELP with LUN Mapping/zoning

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I have a tape library that has multiple i/o blades (Bridges) linked by a backplane, and the robotics gets advertised on all ports on all the I/ blades for "redundancy" so says the vendor. The problem is that the robotics can only receive control, or status commands in only one of these advertised LUNs, and since each host sees all the advertised (in our case 8) LUNs it sends TUR (test unit ready) to each of them making the robotics freeze.

These I/O Blades do also have the Tape Drives connected to them, but in their case the vendor, did provision for this multiple advertisement of the same physical device.

The zoning is single initiator from fabric 1 to HBA1 and from fabric 2 to HBA2.

Is there a way to mask the "extra" advertisements? I believe that LUN zoning would do the trick but I am not sure and I have no idea how to go about.

LUN masking at both the HBAs and library con not be done because of interoperability reasons with EMC² arrays.

Each of the fabrics is a MDS9509



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tblancha Sun, 12/18/2005 - 11:22
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So, the tape library doesn't make one path as active and the others as standby? The is odd but also realize that any solution from the MDS is going to require manual intervention so that you can control who is active pathed at that time. If they are all active ports on the tape anyway and there is no good way to control which port that is and any MDS solution is going to be manual anyway, then why not have only one MDS interface up at any given time but still have all in the active zone. This way you are guaranteed to have only 1 but depending on what you have enabled at a given time, it already zoned?


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