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CNR 6.2.2 with vpn feature

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Jan 11th, 2006
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I run CNR 6.2.2 and cmts with subinterface. When one cable modem wants to regester and the following information will appear in CNR log.

i have disable dhcp server attribute

"vpn-communication" and ignore-options

like option 82, 220 but the situation is the same. Does anyone has experience ?

best regards.


01/12/2006 9:37:35 name/dhcp/1 Warning Protocol 0 05478 Client: 'CID: 01:00:12:25:96:82:12' sent a REQUEST for Lease: '' to Server: '' instead of us. Since vpn-communication is enabled, we will ignore packets such as this instead of setting it unavailable. The server-id-override value in the packet: none and in the Lease: none

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s-doyle Tue, 01/17/2006 - 14:52
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For further analysis on this issue, can you to send the following :

1.Clear and a little more detailed network topology

2.A snap shot of the complete error message dispalayed at the console and also the relative debug output.

The reason I am asking this is the error is with respect to some client and server addresses.So, in order to exactly find out the problem,send me the above details.

Ive seen this in our CNR-server. In our case it is when using BPDU-filter on switchports.Then sometimes (not often) the VLAN is not propagated on the specific switchport. That happens when the customer is offline for a longer period. When he returnes, his Data-VLAN is absent (because of BPDU-filter) and his DHCP-request is sent to/on the only IP-address it knows of. That is not the normal DHCP-server address. But can be different addresses depending on the look of your network.

We use CNR for some of our customers since we are an ISP and wants one VLAN/customer.

Well hope this gave you some input if you already havent solved it.

Good Luck


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