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on witch port on witch switche are connected a device

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I must rebuild our network diagram on the physical layer. I want to test each outlet with a notebook or a pocket device and link the physical port with a logical port on a switch (catalyst 2924 and 3550). How to know on witch port and on witch switch are connected my device. Are there a tools I can launch on this notebook to test this feature.

Thanks at all

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DANIE DU TOIT Tue, 02/14/2006 - 10:20
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I suggest first to map out the inter-switch connections (trunks or access) using "show cdp neighbors).

Note the MAC address of the PC/PDA you are testing with, connect to a network port and telnet to a switch (the switch you would expect it to be connected to, but any switch will do). do a "show mac-address-table address xxxx.xxxx.xxxx". This will show from which port the switch is learning this MAC address. Well, if the switch learned the MAC address from is a port that connects to another switch, you have to telnet to that switch and repeat the "sh mac add xxxx.xxxx.xxxx " command.

On ports that is curently in use, get the MAC address of the connected device (e.g. ipconfig -all for Win2K WinXP / ifconfig for *nix machines) and track them down with the "sh mac" command

thanks for this first options. I will also try a snmpd daemon running on unix like system to cappture snmp trap send from all the switches.

I also find that cisco network assistant have a search option to find mac/ip/description on all the switch member of the view. This solution appear for me more usefull. Is the command "find" in the cisco network assistant enable in client mode command through telnet ?

If you have more ideas ? :)

thanks at all and best regards



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