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WebVpn with VPNConcentrator 3005

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Mar 10th, 2006
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Hi all,

i've a problem with VPN Concentrator3005 and the WebVpn feature.

I try to explain it:

Using WebVpn I get a problem connected with JS code transformation. Opening a webpage from WebWpn I get a JS syntax error saying there is a missing ')' at line xxxx, the same page without WebVpn works well.

Looking at the HTML source code I noticed WebVpn translate my page adding a JS library and redirect most of JS calls with other library functions.

For instance line code like: Location.Href become +webvpn_unmangle_location(location,WEBVPN_LOC_HREF).

That is true and works but it seems WebVpn has a wrong behaviour with complex JS code and put in place a wrong code transformation.

The following code:

document.images['img'+k].src=(k==i) ? 'icona_nav_alto_on.gif':'icona_nav_alto_off.gif';



as you can see the second ')' is in a wrong position it must be at the end of the string, the right code must be:


The same error occurs with other JS code, it seems WebVpn is not able to manage all JS syntax and it makes mistakes while it changes the page code.

The software version is 4.7.2A

Somebody knows if there are restrictions on using JS code?



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