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Why upgrade to native IOS on a 6500?

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Marvin Rhoads Wed, 03/15/2006 - 10:35
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I'm not sure I would characterize the differences as compelling. Certainly mananging a single interface and image is less complex than two. Many folks, myself included contend that it is more intuitive to configure and understand the device's functions when one does so from a single CLI.

glen.grant Wed, 03/15/2006 - 10:55
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Other than cisco is pushing to do away with catos I can't think of anything big either , in fact I have always found it is easier to do layer 2 type stuff in catos than IOS . For layer 2 switches I would take catos anyday but everyone has their preferences.

bbaillie Wed, 03/15/2006 - 14:02
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Some reasons for converting to IOS are:

1. SSO (Stateful Switch Over) less than 3 seconds in the event of a supervisor failure to be recovered, usually failure not even noticed.

2. NSF (Non Stop Forwarding) doesn't drop a packet during switch from a failed supervisor to a standby.

3. GOLD (Generic Online Diagnostics) switch and module diagnostics actively on. Not all Hybrid implementations support this. IOS has great support and going forward is included.

4. A single IOS file and rolling upgrades a breeze.

5.Training, familiarity with IOS on a router = short time to learn IOS on 6500.

I like CATOS but other more junior folks struggle with multiple command sets so unless you want the infrastucture support to be dominated by people that wear suspenders and talk in lizard lingo convert for the consistent command set and familiar feel.



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