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Exporting Subsciber Greetings from 3.x Unity

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Mar 19th, 2006
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Has anyone exported subscriber greetings? I get "long binary data" in the "greeting name" column after a full DB dump. I must be missing something but I cannot find where the actual greetings are exported although the utility says that greetings are exported...

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lindborg Sun, 03/19/2006 - 10:18
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What utility are you using? There is no "full dB dump" for 3.x... there's full DB export for 2.x (which can be imported into 3.x/4.x systems). There's Sub Info Dump, is this what you're using? Sub Info Dump includes the greetngs as files on the HD (just plain WAV files).

malcolmpowell Mon, 03/20/2006 - 06:03
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Oops... I meant to say "from 2.x"...

I think the question I have is about the WAV files - it appears that when I ran the Sub Info Dump that it did not collect the WAV files...

lindborg Mon, 03/20/2006 - 09:01
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The Full DB Export tool for 2.x stores the WAV files in a binary "blob" format in the Access database - I had to kind of "fool it" to make this happen, it's not a standard format supported by the MDB drivers. Pulling it out on your own will be a bit tricky if that's what you're trying to do - you have to pull teh bits out, reconstruct the file on your own. It's not trivial.

On a 3.x or later systems, greetings are stored as straight WAV files in the \commserver\streamfiles\ directory. On 2.x and earlier systems they were stored in a proprietary binary format (it was intended to stream faster or something - pretty sure it didn't). Same deal with voice names.

Sub Info Dump only offers to dump WAV files for greetings and voice names in later versions of Unity as a result. On 2.x you don't have that option.

BTW, we stopped supporting 2.x over two years ago - been quite a long time since I've done anything in that code base...


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