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Diff. between 2950T-24/2960-24TT/CE500-24TT

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Mar 31st, 2006
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referred the cisco site for the difference between 2950/2960 & 500, but what makes the major difference between these, based on that i thought i will suggest the manangement, because i am planning to move from 2950 to 2960 or 500., thanks in advance

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amit-singh Fri, 03/31/2006 - 05:30
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Hi Friend.

Here the the few main points:

The 2950T24 and CE 500 has 8.8 GBPS switching fabric and 6.6 MPPS switching capacity while 2960-24TT has 4.4 GBPS switching fabric.

2950T24 and 296024TT both provides security features like L2/L3/L4 ACLS, Advanced QOS and other features while CE500 has limited features.

CE500 is easy to manage and configure via the GUI.

HTH, Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

Anand Narayana Fri, 03/31/2006 - 06:05
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Thanks for the info, but does CE500 has got the same configuration feature like 2950, it has got CLI interface ?

CSCO10662744_2 Sat, 06/10/2006 - 09:43
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The specs from post above are incorrect. They should've been:


8.8 Gbps / 6.6 Mpps


16 Gbps / 6.5 Mpps

Also, 2950 has max 16 / 8 DRAM / Flash, while 2960 has 64 / 32.

So to answer OP's question, one big difference I see between 2950 and 2960 is the hardware archetecture.

2960s are faster and more efficient. The 48-port model is not as deep as that of 2950.

Unless you're not familiar w/ Cisco and/or CLI, I'd go w/ 2960 & 2950 instead of 500. They're for the less experienced or less demanding clients.


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