What is the role of exchange in a VM setup

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Chris Deren Tue, 04/04/2006 - 17:12
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This doc should help you:


basically, Unity stores messages in Exchange mailboxes and Exchange architecture is used to deliver the messages to the appropriate mailboxes.

Also, this can be useful


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thisisshanky Tue, 04/04/2006 - 17:41
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Just like Chris said, Exchange is Message store. Messages are still stored in each user's inbox. Installation of VM mode Unity includes, setting up,

a. Win 2k as domain controller,

b. Install exchange on box (or off box)

c. Install Unity for VM on box.

SQL is used as data store for storing Unity config data.

Cisco has a new product called UnityConnection, which is a VM only solution up to 1500 users, and does not rely on exchange to store voicemails.



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So messages will still be stored in users mailboxes even in VM mode or is unity using its own mailboxes to store and process messages?

If it is stored in users mailboxes, Does this mean the messages are hidden from the end user thru some exchange mechanism/flags?

UM integration will simply be the same except the message will become visible?

thisisshanky Tue, 04/04/2006 - 19:52
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Messages are not hidden. In a VM environment, you would typically install Exchange on the Unity box itself. This exchange server is just for use by Unity. You would also have your corporate exchange server (which has no tie up with Unity) for email.

For ex: try OWA'ing to microsoft Unity VM servers's address (http:///exchange and login using one of the voice mail user accounts. You should see all the voicemails in that account attached as wavefiles in emails.



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So if storage is thae same between VM and UM, how can unity differentiate a UM mailbox from a VM mailbox?

We have a lot of mailbox that are currently used for POP3 only. Outlook is not used. Can we use those mailboxes has VM voice mailbox too?

This would simplify management for us.

If someone creates a VM mailbox for use with unity. What is preventing that mailbox from being used for email too beside the license agreement.


m.batts Thu, 04/06/2006 - 00:52
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As far as i am aware and i stand to be corrected on this there is no difference.What makes it UM or VM is the visbility of the Mailbox to the user (oh and of course the licence :-) )




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