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Unity Message Monitor

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Apr 10th, 2006
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Getting the following error when trying to get the Message Monitor function to work on a phone.





"State - d:\commserver\localize\scripts\attemptforward.cde!Dummy"

"Event NULL"


"State - d:\commserver\localize\scripts\phtransfer.cde!LoadInfo"

"Event is [TrueEvent]"


"State - d:\commserver\localize\scripts\phgreeting.cde!Root"

"MsgMonitor -- Failed binding to 1102.

BIND FAILED: phone is not responding in an expected manor"

"Event NULL"

"State - d:\commserver\localize\scripts\phgreeting.cde!PlayGreeting"

"Call answered if needed"

"Playing greeting for Subscriber: Test MessageMonitor"

"Event is [HangupEvent]"

"State - d:\commserver\localize\scripts\phgreeting.cde!DoHangup"

"Event is [HangupEvent]"




I am running CallManager 4.1(3)SR1 with Unity 4.2(1). The phone is a 7960 running the following:

Phone DN 1102

App Load ID P00307020200

Boot Load ID PC03A300

Version 7.2(2.0)

Could someone provide more info for the error below that I am seeing in the Port Status Monitor? I have associated the phone and configured the UnityCTISetup.

"MsgMonitor -- Failed binding to 1102.

BIND FAILED: phone is not responding in an expected manor"



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lindborg Mon, 04/10/2006 - 17:03
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from the message monitor development folks:


In 4.2 Unity will send a test message to the phone. The purpose of the test message is to (1) verify that a connection to the phone can be made, (2) that the username and password are correct and (3) that the phone is able to send us information back. The test message itself just contains the letters "abc". It's expected that the phone will return with an error message that says that the request is bad. This confirms points 1, 2 & 3 above.

If Unity reports that the phone responded in an un expected manor than none of the steps above succeeded. There are two primary reasons for this. First the phone may not have responded within the 3 second time frame it is allowed maybe due to network latency, or two the phone may just not be responding perhaps because of firewall issues or other problems.

The easiest way to trouble shoot this is to first test the phone by using a browser and surfing the phone's IP address. The phone should publish a basic information web page. This will confirm at least that the phone can be talked from Unity. Also, to get the IP address of the phone you can go to the CCM admin or to the phone and pull up it's network settings. If that seems okay, then the next step is to take a network sniffer and watch traffic between Unity and the specific phone in question. Once you are sniffing traffic between Unity and the phone, place the call and then take a look at the HTTP traffic between the two. You should see Unity sending the "abc" packet and then the phone responding with a CiscoIPPhoneError. If this exchange appears to happen but the phone is still not working, take a look a the time stamps for the packets and confirm that it is all taking place in less than 3 seconds. Unfortunately for 4.2 the 3 second time frame is hard coded.



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