bstremp Wed, 05/03/2006 - 09:03
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Configuring the interfaces within the FWSM configuration (with the nameif command) or on the Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC) [ with the interface vlan command] before they are configured on the switch (on the Supervisor Module in CatOS) may make the interfaces appear as if they are not responding at all, with no ARP entry or Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) response.

If you configured an interface on the FWSM or MSFC that belongs to the firewall VLANs before you configured the switch, remove the FWSM or MSFC entry, reload the module, then re-add the entry.

KENT EITZMANN Wed, 05/03/2006 - 18:56
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I'm not having any problems with the operation of the FWSM.

I periodically collect ARP information from routers & PIX's and store them in a database. For the PIX's I currently do this with an Expect script that uses SSH. I was just wondering if 3.1(1) provided support for the MIB's that would allow me to do this via SNMP.


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