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Student Acommodation Auth System

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May 12th, 2006
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Hi Guys,

I hope someone can help me with a solution for this. I have tried a lot of places on the net, and although not directly Cisco related, i need everyones vast networking experience.

I've got 2 student resiential sites in ireland. one is VDSL out to linksys APs' providing wifi through 200 bedrooms.

The other is A copmpletely Cat5e network using Linksys switches and Vlans throught. (256 Bedrooms)

I have tried a few HotSpotGateway system in both, which ended up in dismal failure. Nomadix, Zyxel & SMC.

All three are having intermittent problems of there own. it apears that none of the three can handle more than 10-20 simultaneuos connections, before things start going wrong.

Basically i am looking for an authorisation system, where vouchers can be printed, and when time expires the account is rendered inactive. This does not have to be anything to elaborate.

I would appreciate everones help on this as for the last 12 months i have had the world of problems not only witht the systems, but my customers are rapidly losing faith in me due to dodgey hardware.

If you know of anywhere where such a system is currently working, or if you have any friends that know of such a system, i would be most in your debt.


A fellow Networker


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