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Connecting CME 4.0 to Nortel PBX system

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May 21st, 2006
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Can CME 4.0 work with Nortel Meridian Digital PBX? We would like to install CME 4.0 and connect it to this Nortel PBX. The phones that are connected to Nortel PBX are digital phones.We are replacing all the office phones with Cisco IP Phones. The warehouse phones will remain analog with cat3 cabling and overhead paging that uses cat5e. How can we make this work?



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omendieta77 Mon, 05/22/2006 - 05:30
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Do you have a Gateway??

You'll need to add a GW with an E1 interface (PRI/R2) (for example).

Because this is an hybrid topology you need a similar techcnology to join both of them.(E1, for example).

If you'll use the Nortel PBX just to keep the analog phones, maybe you can buy ATAs.

I hope It works, if I understood the question.


agnel Mon, 05/22/2006 - 18:25
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Thanks for the response. I dont have a separate GW. How can I connect the Cisco 3845 CME Router to the Nortel PBX. Do I connect it to the FXO port? or add a T-1/E-1 module on CME Router? I read about QSIG but not sure how to implement it.



agnel Tue, 05/23/2006 - 03:21
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Will that work with CME 4.0? We dont use call Manager.



omendieta77 Tue, 05/23/2006 - 05:35
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If your Nortel PBX does have any IP integration, then you can create a MGCP/H323 trunk. But I think that the best way to join your CCME with that PBX is using FXO ports, or an E1 interface to get 30 channels.

You'll need an E1 interface in each device(PBX, GW).

and you must configure dial-peers to be able to call to the analo phones that will be connected to the PBX.


Follow this link, and you just need to read the part of the configuration of the GW.

You must conctact to the provider of the Nortel PBX, and discuss the best way to create an hybrid topology.


agnel Tue, 05/23/2006 - 06:42
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Thanks for the info. Do I need a separate GW? Or can 3845 router accomodate the E-1 interface card? Both the PBX and the Router are located in the same Closet. Also I would like the extensions on PBX system to use the CUE on CME. Is that possible? are there any issues with call transfer etc...?

Can I have part of the extensions say 211 till 255 on CME and 266 till 299 on the PBX?

Thanks for your help


cstcorpsk Thu, 05/25/2006 - 10:44
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Have a T1 or TMDI card in the Norstar to take a T1 connnection to the CME. In the CME add a T1 module and then configure routes in Norstar to be routed to the CME. Configure the ISDN switch type to be the same as in the Norstar (Probably DMS100). If the routes are configured correctly, there wont be any issues in call transfer. You can have 4-digit dialing between the Nostar and CME.

I am not sure about CUE voice mail for PBX extensions. My belief is its not possible, since we have to create users and extensions in CUE for voicemails and it should be present in the CME. If the extensions are present as ephone-dns in the CME, then the call routing between the Norstar extensions and CME extensions wont work.

You can have any combintion of extensions on Nostart and CME (without duplication) and the routes are built correctly in Norstar.


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