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Jun 7th, 2006
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I would like to know if it is possible to have agents taking calls from multiple csq's and have diffrent priority on the csq's.

What I want is for the high priority csq calls to be answered first. So if CSQ_1 have low priority and CSQ_2 have high priority all calls in CSQ_2 will be answered first, even if they were queued later than the calls in CSQ_1.

Is this possible or is the priority only within one csq?

We use IPCC Express 3.5(4).

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aghaznavi Tue, 06/13/2006 - 06:02
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This is not possible with multiple CSQ's. However, it is possible within one CSQ

tpersson Thu, 06/22/2006 - 01:22
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Do you know why it is not possible or if this could cause any problems?

I did a small test with 3 CSQ's and set diffrent priority on the call based on which CSQ it should go to and then assigned the same skill to all CSQ's so an agent could get calls from all three. The result was that the high priority calls from that CSQ was handled first and then the mid priority CSQ calls. But I only tested with one agent and a few calls.

aamercado Mon, 06/26/2006 - 13:04
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I plan to do the same thing. Has it work for you?

How do you set up diff priority for each call bas on CSQ?


tpersson Tue, 06/27/2006 - 06:55
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For me its rather simple, I have three choices when calling in, based on what choice I set which CSQ it should go to and also a matching priority.

So say choice 1 should go to "CSQ_1" with priority 8 I set a variable to "CSQ_1" and set priority 8 on the call. Attaching a small script.

Have only used it as a test so far but the calls was handled according to priority regardless of when the call was made.

shayonasul Thu, 09/07/2006 - 10:56
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I have IPIVR 3.1(2) and am wondering how should I go about prioritizing calls. How do I find out if it's enhanced or premium version of IVR, as I have read in previous posts that enhanced/premium is required to use 'Set Priority' function?

Any help would be really appreciated.


d.teal Sun, 10/08/2006 - 14:15
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So then what do you do with skills? Are all of the skills even for each CSQ?



tpersson Mon, 10/30/2006 - 00:13
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I use "longest available" and the same cometence level.

l.mourits Wed, 06/28/2006 - 05:18
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What you could do is skill based routing, like this:

CSQ1, skill based SKILL1(min. level 5), best skilled first

CSQ2, skill based SKILL2(min. level 5), best skilled first

CSQ3, skill based SKILL3(min. level 5), best skilled first


Agent1: skillset: SKILL1(7), SKILL2(6)

Agent2: skillset: SKILL2(7), SKILL3(8)

Agent3: skillset: SKILL3(7), SKILL2(6)

Maybe this helps, it worked for me, although it is limited.




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