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Jun 9th, 2006
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Unity v 4.05

I am opening this for someone else and this is my first post, so please be gentle.

Installed Unity with PCA 3 weeks ago and have not been able to use it yet. Have asked TAC, but I do not want to uninstall Unity and reinstall everything. Here is the error when you try to log in.

"Unable to contact server. Try logging on again in a few minutes. If the problem persists, contact your Cisco Unity administrator"

Try it via https: and you get to the page, but the message above is a tthe top of the page and you cannot login.

I have tried to use this:


but have no luck. I have yet to try from the Unity server itself and I will soon. Has anyone else had this trouble?

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Ginger Dillon Mon, 06/12/2006 - 10:13
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Hi -

Were you able to confirm the other steps in this doc were configured correctly (TomCat service is installed and started on the Unity server; WWW service is started; IIS Admin service is started; as well as IIS, TomCat, and PCA components configured)?

Also, did you configure PCA to use SSL? If not, try it without the s in http command. On one Unity install, the TomCat service failed to install - evidenced by not being in the Services menu of the server. This required a reinstall of Unity. Only had this happen once, though, in all of the years I have worked with Unity.


fozzman Tue, 06/13/2006 - 18:27
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Sorry, did not see your response to my post until today. I checked all the services and they were all started. I did notice some things different than the pdf that I mentioned in my first post. I noticed that 'Enable Client Certificate Mapping check box is unchecked.' was checked so I unchecked it.

I also noticed that the wrapper.properties file had C:\CommSe~1\Cscoserv\Tomcat instead of C:\CommServer\Cscoserv\Tomcat. The same for Java2SDK. SO I fixed them. I am still unable to log in to PCA even from directly on the Unity server itself. I still get the error: ?Unable to Contact Server. Try Logging On Again in a Few Minutes. If the Problem Persists, Contact Your Cisco Unity Administrator.?

We are using SSL, if I try non SSL, I get a different error (escapes me right now, but its one that indicates that I need to use SSL.)

I have an open case as well. Last step was to uninstall and restore PCA according to the instructions. Now I can get the screen with no errors if I refresh the screen. No consistant pattern, Sometimes it's ok the first time.

In any case, when it starts up with no errors, I get access denied to the credentials I type in. The error is not consistant either. Bottom line, I still haven't been able to use it. The guy handling my case won't be back until next Monday,19th.

fozzman Wed, 06/14/2006 - 08:58
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You might want to get the case Req'd. If you find anything out, please share :)

fozzman Sat, 06/24/2006 - 05:29
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Here is a description of what I did to fix the issue:

Tracking the security settings for the IIS virtual directory "Avxml" I

found under "Secure Communications" that the checkbox "Require SSL" was

unchecked (that's fine) but that the checkbox "Require 128 bit encryption"

is checked. there is a little know bug with this.

To resolve the problem I first checked the "Require SSL" box; this enables

the second checkbox for modification. I then unchecked the "Require 128 bit

encryption" checkbox. And finally, unchecked the "Require SSL" checbox to

put it back in its original state. Restarted IIS and Tomcat.

mdury Thu, 12/13/2007 - 16:47
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Thanks for this post, it save me alot of wasted time


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