Sending BGP Alerts to DFM

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miheg Tue, 07/11/2006 - 02:35
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Like a trap you mean?

You could, but if DFM can interpret that seems doubtfull to me.

DFM only looks at fuctioning of the device.

If you can get the device to convert the traps to syslog you may use the RME automated actions to do something with the BGP message.

Hope this helps



Thanks Michel

I did not look into this option at first so thanks for pointing me in this direction.

I have selected my BGP alerts within the Define Automated Action box and selected Enable Action. How do I determine what action to use, do I have to use a script within the command line section? If so, where can I source some ready made scripts for things such as forwarding an email alert whenever a BGP syslog is generated.

David Stanford Tue, 07/11/2006 - 04:58
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If you go to the directory CSCOpx/cgibin/sysloga you can use the to generate an email for certain syslog messages received. You can then use the script something like this:

/opt/CSCOpx/bin/perl /opt/CSCOpx/cgibin/sysloga/ -text_message $M -email_ids [email protected] -subject config -from cw2000 -smtp

Also, if you have another NMS that can receive traps, you can forward BGP related traps to DFM which in turn would forward them to the other NMS.


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