dmiller227 Tue, 07/11/2006 - 06:24
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Thank you for the response. These are steps in what to do with the e-mail alerts. I'm not even getting that far. I need to troubleshoot why any e-mail alerts are not being sent. I have verified the CER account on the e-mail server.

Brian Carscadden Tue, 07/11/2006 - 12:59
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I had a similar problem yesterday. You can search for my earlier post on this topic. My fix was to make sure that you identify a mail domain in the mail server setup, even though it's not required and claims it's only if the recipient domain is not indicated. If not this, than still possibly mail account related, but troubleshooting logs -as far as I saw- are non-existent.

dmiller227 Tue, 07/11/2006 - 14:25
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I have it working now. Since CER just says "Source Mailbox ID", I just put the mailbox user ID there. Didn't realize it needed to be the full e-mail address. Well, anyway, it's working now. Thanks for everyone's help!



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