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Hi All!

6509 sup1 runing native IOS(16M) on the PCMCIA(i dont want the PCMCIA ON THE SUP).NOW i need to download IOS(14.3M)ON THE Bootflash(16M)....but when copy from the TFTP TO BOOT Flash:

copy TFTP bootfalsh....but i received no ENOUGH space on the device.

have a look to the dir bootflash:

outer#dir bootflash:

Directory of bootflash:/

2 -rw- 5118776 Jan 1 2000 00:10:45 +00:00 c6msfc-is-mz.120-7.XE1

3 -rw- 1665640 Jun 30 2000 19:04:30 +00:00 c6msfc-boot-mz.121-3a.E7.b


4 -rw- 6138572 Jun 30 2000 19:06:35 +00:00 c6msfc-ds-mz.121-3a.E7.bi

now what can i do to copy the IOS TO THE Bootflash and boot the sup from bootflash?WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM.

10xs for ur response

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gpulos Thu, 07/13/2006 - 04:11
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what i would do is as follows:

1) for backup purposes, move the current bootflash file(s), mz.120-7.XE1, boot-mz.121-3a.E7.bin & ds-ms.121-3a.E7.bin to the PCMCIA card. ( or tftp or other location with enough space)(you may not need to delete the boot loader file if you have enough space)

2) delete the files from bootflash and "squeeze" the flash to permenantly remove those files and get your space back.

3) copy new file to bootflash: via tftp or whatever means you're using.

4) set the 'boot system flash bootflash:' command if you'd like. as the IOS would be the only file in bootflash: it should load with/without the boot system command.

see this link for more info:


Hi Friend!

10xs for ur reply!

when i copy the bootfile(mz.120-7.XE1, boot-mz.121-3a.E7.bin & ds-ms.121-3a.E7.bin ) from the bootflash to the tftp..Do I need to format the bootflash to save space?than copy the ios(14.3M) to the bootflash.+ the bootfile(mz.120-7.XE1, boot-mz.121-3a.E7.bin & ds-ms.121-3a.E7.bin )?

2)i have crach info file on the bootflash do i need to remove it?if so how can i delete it?

3)also i have statupconfig;do i remove it also?



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