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Aug 13th, 2006
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well i have been geting ready for the CCNA course for quite a while..i have gone through 2 or 3 books and some other reference materials...

the problem is that recently i came across these practice labs of a router simulator (Routersim 3.0 ) where there is IPX routing and configuration. But in my refference materials and the books i read, i never came across any requirments to know IPX configeration and stuff for CCNA.

So i just want to make sure whether IPX is included for the materials of CCNA?..i understand i have to know the basics of it but im not talking about the basics...

If im asking somthing i should not be asking please kindly igonre this message


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andretimoll Sun, 08/13/2006 - 15:16
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forget about it. i did my ccna in june and did not see a single question on layer 3 (routed!)protocols apart from IP.

I also did BSCI about 2 weeks ago and only came accross IP aswell, and im guessing if it would come up it would come up in that exam.

Its also not in the exam objectives, only:

"Design an IP addressing scheme to meet design requirements"

hope this helps


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