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Aug 27th, 2006
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I want to become a Linux system administrator. I have an LPIC-1 certification and I'll take the LPIC-2 tests next month.

I have no experience with hardware switches and rooters.

I've located a training center which delivers authorised CISCO training. They have a special offer for the INTRO+ICND at 1350 EUROS (I live in Athens) + free exam voucher.

The "catch" is that the courses will be delivered during the evenings only twice a week for two months.

Personally I find it convinient and quite a bargain. What do you think? Should I register for the courses?


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dgloff Mon, 08/28/2006 - 03:01
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That's four times as fast as I took CCNA in the Cisco Network Academy (4 x 8 week courses). Doable, but very challenging. I thought the courses could have gone a little faster, but doing it all in 8 weeks probably would have been a little much.

If you're up for the challenge, go ahead, but be aware that you'll probably need to do a LOT of studying outside class. Otherwise look for a Network Academy (in the states these are often at Community Colleges, which are 2-year public schools, and usually relatively cheap). The cost should be about the same. My courses ran about $300 apiece, probably $1500 total (for all 4) with books. This is about 1200 euros.

JohnHumphrey Sun, 09/03/2006 - 17:55
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I agree with the previous post. You will learn a lot in a compressed course, but your retention will likely be poor if you do not have a photographic memory. I suggest the Cisco Networking Academy Program, as well. You can get the Course Books from the Cisco Press website at a big discount over most bookstores, as well.

The Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP)is offered at many local colleges and universities now. There are two in my local area, and there are many more all over the world. The course work is standardized and the same no matter where you go. Exams are online and all of the course material is online. You can purchase Companion Guides from Cisco Press, and I recommend them. Cost is well lower that the bootcamps, at roughly $250(USA) per course plus Companion Guides, if you buy them. The disadvantage is that it takes four semesters and nearly two years to take all four classes. Some schools do have accelerated programs if you must do it faster. The greatest benefit is that the Cisco Networking Academy Program teaches you EVERYTHING from Scratch. If you have experience, the first sememster may seem pathetically easy, but it gets much more difficult with following semesters. The attrition rate is very high, because of the challenge. You will know troubleshooting and the Cisco IOS from the CCNA point-of-view rock solid by the time you finish. I believe that Wendell Odom also contributed to the course material for the CNAP Companion Guides, as well. Lastly, if you successfully complete the CNAP Program, you will get discount coupons to take the real exams at a lower price. You are then able to take other CNAP courses at your local colleges for advanced CNAP courses in Wireless and Security, among others.

JohnHumphrey Wed, 09/06/2006 - 07:32
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CCNA Prep Center is an important tool as well, and it is FREE. It offers whitepapers, streaming videos, audio recordings, and webcasts. There are tons of other tools as well, and I highly recommend that you explore the whole site.

In August 2006, Cisco expanded on the CCNA Prep Center Service because it was so successful. They created a CCNP Prep Center and it is quickly living up to its potention on the CCNP level. Please explore it too?

"CCNA Prep Center provides certification candidates with resources including practice questions, labs, simulations, instructional videos, tips, advice, success stories and peer-discussion forums. The CCNA Prep Center also allows learners easy access to information and formal training from Cisco Learning Partners."

nagarajan.viswa... Tue, 09/05/2006 - 23:53
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Hi there,

You have some certs on Linux and you want to become a Linux System Admin,but your query is about Cisco training....anyway, if you want to gain knowledge about networking and want to do some cert with Cisco then the idea of going for CCNA is good.

To start with you can get the Cisco Study Material and a router simulator so that you can study and practice the lab...i think this will cost you less than anything else.

Please rate whether the information was useful for you or not.


JohnHumphrey Wed, 09/06/2006 - 07:42
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From a different point of view, if you have access to web-based buying or a Books-a-Million or Book Warehouse chain store nearby, you can find a ton of GOOD material on their discount tables. This is how I built my library. Cost ranges from $10 to $30 on the top end.

I have seen quite a handful of books on LINUX and UNIX on these tables. The Original Exam Cram and Exam Prep series of books had many LINUX and LINUX+ titles. They also had books for General Linux I, General Linux II, RedHat Linux 6, Fedora, and Linux Security (Premiere Press). Books on Novell 6 and 7 also contain material on Linux. O'Reilly Books have tons on Linux and Unix topics, and the O'Reilly series are considered some of the best in the industry. I grab them whenever I find them. Good Hunting!!!

Sol_Invictus Thu, 09/07/2006 - 20:53
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Hi, folks, i'm planning to take the ccna in 2 months,..i'm stuying from the "TESTOUT" TRAINING,...does anybody in here using or used the test out? if so, did that help you to pass your exam?


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