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NAT -LAST Question

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Sep 21st, 2006
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Dear All,

i have the following question regarding the NAT Configuration.

as Every One Knows we have in NAT Terminology the following Terms :-

1- Inside Local Address, which is Private Network or which is MY LAN IP Address .

2- Inside Global Address, which is the legitimate IP Address assigned by the NIC Or the ISP Provider, which is the Real IP Address.

now, the 2 terms which i mention is used only in STATIC ,Dynamic , Overloading NAT.


Now, My question is :-

1- if i have this real IP Address assigned by my ISP, , and i have an Internal WEB SERVER inside My Company and the WEB SITE is on it.

i want to make NAT to let all the People from out side access this Server through NAT it self by http. how can i wrote the IP NAT COMMAND ?

which one is the OUTSIDE LOCAL ADDRESS & which one is the OUTSIDE GLOBAL ADDRESS ?

Please Reply .

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jolmo Thu, 09/21/2006 - 01:11
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ip nat inside source static tcp X.X.X.X 80 80

where X.X.X.X is your Web Server LAN IP Address. And do ip nat inside for LAN and outside for WAN

Hope this helps

mmtantawi Thu, 09/21/2006 - 02:03
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Thanks For your reply.

i have only 2 question here.

1- this will allow any one from OUTSIDE like internet, when he type in the Browser :-

( this IP is assign for example to this Domain www.FAS200.COM ).

http://www.fas200.com ,

the Request will come to this Router and there will be a translation from this Real IP address to this Internal IP Address, and the User will Not never know that there was a internal IP. is that correct ?

2- if i have my Exchange server, and i did the MX record to map to this IP, how the command is ?


please update me .

globalnettech Thu, 09/21/2006 - 01:19
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Hello Mohammed,

when you use a static outside mapping such as this one:

ip nat outside source static

and you do a:

Router#show ip nat translations

Pro Inside global Inside local Outside local Outside global

--- --- ---


the router tells you which address is the outside global address (, and which one the outside local ( in this case).

However, in order to achieve what you want, the following mapping would be better:

ip nat inside source static tcp 80 80 extendable

Does that make sense ?




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