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I have two Internet Connections, PIX 515 to one and PIX 508 to other, the 508 is also host to site-to-site VPN for 4 different subnetts. Also have a core 1700 router. Would it be best to point my PC/Server to 1700 and have it route to the 515 for the internet and 508 for the site-to-site subnett's?

Other than route statements on the PC, what would be the best method?

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m-haddad Fri, 09/22/2006 - 14:52
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Best would be set the default gateway to route ot the 1700 Router. This way you have one single management for the routes. It is better than going to each windows machine and setting persistent routes.

You will hopefully need to routes on the 1700. Default to the PIX with internet connection and summarized route to all site-to-site VPNs point to the other PIX. In case the first ISP is down you modify the defualt route to the second PIX and will users will be up again.

Remark: On the 1700 you can do also advanced routing such as PBR (policy based routing)

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m-haddad Mon, 09/25/2006 - 08:54
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Below you can find a link for PBR:

As for the route summarization it really depends under which routing protocol you are going to summarize the routes. To help you with this go to cisco website and you can search for key words like: RIP route summary or EIGRP route summary etc....

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