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Fax problem on VG248

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Hi All,

I have a strange fax problem. Usually this fax works well, but sometimes (2-4 a day) the other side gets an transmission error report, while my side receives the fax. Both Side have Canon faxes.

My side uses Vg248 with fax-passthorugh, receives the fax through a PRI , the other side uses Cisco 2600, with FXS module, BRI, and fax-passthrough.

can it be a configuration problem, or line noise?

On the incoming PRi gateway I use passthrough also.

The config:

dial-peer voice 103 voip

tone ringback alert-no-PI

description -=Kimeno FAX hivas CCM1 fele=-

translation-profile outgoing FAX-WAN

destination-pattern 5T

modem passthrough nse codec g711ulaw

voice-class codec 1

session target ipv4:

fax-relay ecm disable

fax rate disable

ip qos dscp cs3 signaling

no vad

voice class codec 1

codec preference 1 g711ulaw

codec preference 2 g711alaw

codec preference 3 g729r8

voice translation-rule 3

rule 1 /^5\(.*\)/ /\1/

voice translation-profile FAX-WAN

translate called 3

translation-rule 5

Rule 0 * 5

voice-port 1/0/1

no snmp trap link-status

translate called 5

cptone HU

timeouts call-disconnect 1

description ---=== FAX Kozponti ===---

station-id name FAX

station-id number 34849


voice-port 1/1/0

translation-profile incoming Bejovo

compand-type a-law

cptone HU


Call ID, mwi: off/none, no gain,

relay and ecm disabled, nsf 000000, passthrough automatic.



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