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Unity Pager Notification failure

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Nov 23rd, 2006
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trying to set up unity 4.0(4)SR1 Voicemail only, to dial out to a pager service to drop DTMF digits in to send a page.

we have checked CoS and all is ok on Unity and CM. but cannot get it to dial out just get the following messages in the CommServer\Logs\diag_AvNotifierMgr_20061122_220004 logs


16:35:27:033,**,-1,2496,-1,,-1,-1,Exception caught e:\views\cs_ue4.0.3.159\un_Core1\Notifier\AvPagerDeviceSvr\AvPagerDevice.cpp 471 80004005H


and in event viewer a CiscoUnity_AvCS eventID 100

which takes me to


which don't seem related, i have looked around bug toolkit and various release notes, just wondered if anyone had seen this before?

thanks for any help


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MikeTomasko Thu, 11/23/2006 - 13:09
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Have you tried using the Port Status Monitor to watch the Pager Notification and see if it even attempts to dial out and what it is dialing?

noblem Fri, 11/24/2006 - 01:39
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I have watched port status monitor, and no attempt to dial out is made, I also ran dbWalkwer with CoS check for notification devices which came back OK

Rob Huffman Fri, 11/24/2006 - 07:19
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Hi Mark,

Just a guess here, but maybe you are running into this (seeing that the port is never seized to try the notification);

Only Certain Types of Messages Are Set to Trigger Notification

Cisco Unity can be set so that a subscriber is notified only of certain types of messages. For example, if subscriber notification is set up only for fax and urgent voice messages, e-mail and regular voice messages will not cause Cisco Unity to make a notification call.

To Change the Message Types That Trigger Notification Calls


Step 1 In the Cisco Unity Administrator, go to the Subscribers > Subscribers > Message Notification page for the subscriber.

Step 2 In the Device list, click the correct notification device.

Step 3 In the Notify Subscriber Of section, verify the selected message types with the subscriber.

From this good 4.0.4 troubleshooting doc;


Hope this helps!


ethen.cooke Mon, 10/13/2008 - 12:08
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I have recently started receiveing this msg..what was your fix?

oliversh54 Mon, 11/01/2010 - 10:30
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We have a pair running CU7.0(2)_ES21.
We configured a subscriber for Pager Notification.
When a new message was left, we were getting the following error and seeing no activity on the notification ports:
Event Type: Error
Event Source: CiscoUnity_AvCs
Event Category: None
Event ID: 100
Date:  10/28/2010
Time:  12:15:31 PM
User:  N/A
Computer: USA0300UN003
Exception occurred and handled.  File: E:\views\CU7.0.1.28\un_Core1\Notifier\AvPagerDeviceSvr\AvPagerDevice.cpp at Line: 471 - Error: 80004005H Call stack:
Exception Caught      :  0xc0000005
Exception Flags       :  0x00000000
Prev. Exception Record:  00000000
Exception Address     :  5E703C49
NumberParameters = 2.
    Param[0] = 0x00000000
    Param[1] = 0x00000000
Thread ID: 6760
Processor Context:
CS:EIP:001B:5E703C49  SS:ESP:0023:03C7FA40  EBP:012D83F0
DS:0023  ES:0023  FS:003B  GS:0000  Flags:00010246
EIP: (Module:Offset) AvPagerDeviceSvr.dll:0x3c49
Process Name: AvNotifierMgr.exe

During a failover we noted that the secondary Unity was not having the same problem.

When we did a failback to the primary Unity, we configured the Home Phone Notification and disabled Pager notification.
No problems occur on Home Phone Notification, so that was our fix.

k6lw Tue, 04/09/2013 - 16:30
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I'm running Unity 4.2 with UCM 7.1.5 and it was just brought to my attention that the pager notification was not working.

(Hasn't been since at least Feb 25 2013)

Looking thorugh the event logs showed multiple CiscoUnity_ AvCs pager notification errors.

Exception occurred and handled.  File: E:\Views\CU4.2.0.110\un_Core1\Notifier\AvPagerDeviceSvr\AvPagerDevice.cpp at Line: 471 - Error: 80004005H Call stack:

0x5EB11FDD AvPagerDeviceSvr.dll:

I went into the services and restarted the AvNotifierMgr service.

Paging is working again.



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