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Understanding Dial Peer

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Nov 29th, 2006
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Could anyone clarify the operation of dial peers.

1. If you configure a single dial-peer with a called-number match and a destination pattern, will this dial peer be used for matching both inbound calls and also then sending the call out to the destination.

2. Would it be possible to configure two separate dial peers the first dial peer matching the called-number and applying the various dial peer settings then having a second dial-peer for the outbound call destination pattern match.



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billsayegh Wed, 11/29/2006 - 22:04
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Thanks for the response.

1. The links were very helpful and clarify the dial peer operation, one question I have can you then have a single dial-peer for both inbound and outbound call legs on the one dial peer. From what I read this should be possible.

2. Also when defining a translation pattern on the dial peer to match a dialed address which is translated do you still need to define the destination pattern to the next hop or will the translated number act as the destination pattern so you only need to define the translation pattern and the next hop when matching on called number and outbound translations.

Please advise to both questions.



alessandro.dona Thu, 11/30/2006 - 03:06
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1)If i have understand well you want a call to use as inbound and outbound dialpeer the same dialpeer?have I? if i have the answer is:

dialpeer voip no

dialpeer pots maybe(i have never tried)

if i haven't the answer is yes you do?( a dial peer can acts as inbound or outbound dialpeer but for different calls)

2)I think you have to define next hop

billsayegh Sun, 12/03/2006 - 14:03
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One more question came to mind, when defining a translation pattern on an outbound dial peer and changing the called number.

What happens after this will the translation look to the same dial peer for the destination pattern or will the router logic start the search again trying to match all the dial peers for the closest match on the new translated called number.



alessandro.dona Mon, 12/04/2006 - 01:18
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the following steps are applied

1)outbound dial peer is matched

2)translation is performed

3)the call is passed with the new translated



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