802.11 Sniffer Capture Analysis


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May 16th, 2012
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In  order to understand how and why 802.11 (WiFi) devices behave as they  do, it is invaluable to perform a wireless packet capture ("sniffer".)   This can be especially important when working with Cisco TAC to resolve a  technical problem.  The following articles will help you to choose and  use a wireless sniffer.

To analysis these captures, refer to the  links below, they are designed to be read in order since each document  will build upon the preceding document.  Bear in mind that when reading  any wireless trace, its a good idea to understand the 802.11 Wireless  specifications.  While these documents will do a great job at helping  you understand the packet flow and what to look for in a wireless trace,  they are not meant to teach the 802.11 Wireless specifications.

Here is a reference to the Wikipedia article on the 802.11 specifications: IEEE 802.11 Standards



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