Problems Downloading ASA Software Images from using ASDM


Wed, 05/23/2012 - 12:01
May 23rd, 2012
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ASDM users are unable to download ASA images from using ASDM's built-in Upgrade utility.


Due to some recent changes to, users must re-validate their  CCO profile, to allow them to download Strong Crypto Software. This  validation is currently presented as a pop-up in the user's workflow  when attempting to download the software directly on, and will  appear as follows:


However, this prompting cannot currently be accepted and presented to a  user in ASDM.  Therefore, when a user who has not manually verified  their Strong Encryption Eligibility uses ASDM to attempt to upgrade  their ASA, they will receive the following error.



Have the user browse to, login and then manually download  an ASA image so that they are prompted inline for their Encryption  Eligability.  Once they accept, this will be stored in their CCO  profile, and they will not be asked for this information again.  After  this, they may re-attempt the ASA software upgrade from within ASDM, and  the download will succeed.



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