How to disable interrupt remapping


Thu, 10/11/2012 - 10:03
Jun 7th, 2012

How to disable interrupt remapping (C series Server) and ESX

Interrupt Remapping is disabled by default in 1.4(3) code and greater.

To disable Interrupt remapping via CIMC:

To disable interrupt remapping on ESXi, perform one of these options:

To set the interrupt mapping via esxcli:

ESXi 5.0 does not provide this parameter as a GUI client configurable option. It can only be changed via esxcli or PowerCLI.

List the present setting:

# esxcli system settings kernel list -o iovDisableIR

The output is similar to:

Name          Type  Description                              Configured  Runtime  Default

------------  ----  ---------------------------------------  ----------  -------  -------

iovDisableIR  Bool  Disable Interrrupt Routing in the IOMMU  FALSE        FALSE    FALSE

Disable interrupt mapping on the host with this command:

# esxcli system settings kernel set --setting=iovDisableIR -v TRUE

Reboot the host after running the command.

To check if interrupt mapping is set after the reboot, run the command

# esxcfg-info –c

iovDisabledIR = TRUE

In vSphere Client:

ESXi 5.0

  • Click Configuration > (Software) Advanced Settings > VMKernel.
  • Select VMKernel.Boot.iovDisableIR and click OK
  • Reboot the ESX host.




asafayan Thu, 10/11/2012 - 10:03

In a B Series chassis with numerous ESXi hosts - do I have to disable interrupt remapping on each host?


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