How to resolve IBGP problems


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Jun 18th, 2009
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Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is an interdomain routing protocol used to exchange network reachability information with configured peers known as BGP neighbors. Interior BGP (IBGP) has certain behavior and follows certain rules to ensure that packet forwarding can take place correctly within the Autonomous System (AS) without any loops or black-holing. These are the most common problems with IBGP, mostly related to these rules and behavior:

  • BGP neighbors are not in established state.
  • A route is missing from the IP routing table due to an invalid route to next hop.
  • An IBGP route is not installed in the IP routing table and is not advertised to other neighbors, due to a BGP synchronization rule failure.
  • Routes learned from one IBGP neighbor are not advertised to another IBGP neighbor.
  • IBGP routes are not redistributed into an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP).


For more information, refer to these documents:

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show ip bgp neighbors {neighbor  address}

State is active



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