How to enable debugging on the Subscriber Provisioning Console


Wed, 11/18/2009 - 18:28
Jun 18th, 2009

Core Issue

The log files do not provide enough information to troubleshoot an issue.


To turn on and generate a debug file, perform this procedure:

1. Locate the file under the Subscriber Provisioning Console (SPC) INSTALL_DIR/webapps/dsspc/Web-INF/ directory.

2. Backup the file.

  For example:

  cp log4j.properties_orig

3. Edit the file.

  Change log4j.rootLogger=WARN to log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG.

4. Restart the SPC and login.

5. Under the SPC INSTALL_DIR/logs directory, find the file called dsspc.log. Debug the statements appended to this file.

6. To turn debugging OFF, copy over the original backed up copy of the file, or modify the file as shown and then restart SPC:

  Change log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG to log4j.rootLogger=WARN.

Note: Do not run in debug mode for more than few minutes to troubleshoot.



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