VLAN interface status is up/down when there is no device connected to the port


Wed, 07/22/2009 - 19:37
Jun 18th, 2009

Core issue

The VLAN interfaces have to fulfill these general conditions to be up/up:

  • The VLAN exists and is in active status on the switch VLAN database.
  • The VLAN interface exists on the switch and is not administratively down.
  • At least one Layer 2 (L2) (access port or trunk) port exists and has a link up on this VLAN. 
  • At least one L2 (access port or trunk) port is in spanning-tree forwarding state on the VLAN.
  • At least one device is connected to an interface in that particular VLAN.


Connect a device to an interface in that particular VLAN to bring the interface up.

For more information on troubleshooting a VLAN interface in up/down or down/down status, refer to Understanding and Troubleshooting the Autostate Feature in Catalyst Switches.



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